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I just noticed 'wagamama' can be typed in an SMS using one keypress per letter (it's not in my autocompletion dictionary). What other long words can you spell with just one phone keypress per letter? I guess it's any combination of a, d, g, j, m, p, t, and w. A single vowel. Nasty.

For those who might happen to be reading this and aren't on the page, my blog is here (updated most days, can get a bit techie) or the RSS feed here. And I just launched Feed Digest which some may find useful.. or perhaps my Snippets tagged code pasting site.

Ciao! Perhaps I'll post here again in another 9 months, hehe.

LJ feature requests

Is there an 'ignore' feature for blocking out the LJ trolls? I can't find one, but it would be cool.

Also, is there a way to get your Friends page in RSS format? I use RSS for everything now, and LJ is the only page I visit anymore as it doesn't have a feed. I could write a script to turn it into RSS, but I'd rather use something existing and proven :)

Pronunciation of 'grass'

Posting this here, because there's more likely to be English people reading this than my blog. Also, you might be able to put this on your own LJ if you're interested (if you do, tell me where, so I can see the results!)

In the south of England, we say 'grarse' for 'grass'. In the north, they say 'grass' rhyming with 'ass'. Same goes for glass, class, mast, etc. Americans, in general, also use the northern method, which was the 'original' English method. The southern 'long a' sound is only a few hundred years old.

I want to know where the dividing line is in the UK. Where does glarse become glasss, and grarse become grasss? I think Brummies use the southern style, but once you hit Warrington, they don't. Matt, what do they say in Stoke? Specifically, if you live in the Midlands, or know people up that way, please reply!

Mac Mini

This is the coolest product I have seen in a very long time. Mac Mini - a Mac for under $500 (or under £350). A UNIX workstation with a powerful OS and great form factor. I am forcing most of my clients to buy these so I don't have to do Windows support anymore. Oh, and I need one for myself too. Uber-uber-uber cool.

Orkut folks

Are you an Orkut member, or do you want to be? Let me know so I can add you! If you don't know or care what Orkut is, you can safely ignore this post :-) You can too, Ed and Peach, you're in!