I'm a Random Brutal Sex Dreamer!

If anything makes anyone think twice before adding me to their friends list.. this is it!

After seeing it linked so many times on LJ, I decided to take OKCupid's funny personality test. Well, it figured out that I'm the last man on Earth, or, more accurately, a Random Brutal Sex Dreamer. Those of you who know me will read the definition on that page and laugh your asses off. So.. what type are you? (they're all quite amusing)

For rizell my nizells

oh man... claire balderson from the bbc world service just signed off with, "this is clizell baldizell for the bbc world sizell. for rizell my nizell.

Seen at Nat's.

I appear now to have more people added to my LJ friends list that I don't know than those I do. This is an interesting development considering I only signed up to read one of my real life friend's journals. That said, I only add them as friends so I can simply read my one LJ friends page every day, I can't see any of them adding me in return, considering I don't post. Supposedly.


Since I post to LJ, on average, once every six months, I figured I'd post now and use the post to bitch.

Why is LJ particularly full of manic-depressives? A lot of journals I stumble across feature people who are totally wacky and riding high in one post, then the next post they want to slit their wrists. It makes me not want to venture away from my friends list, there's too much depression on LJ.

On another note, my Slashdot trolling is clearly getting WAY better. :-)